Only 13 hours till we leave link to head out from link.  I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time.  i have known about the trip since the beginning of the year.  i have been packing for the last few days.  I am excited and anxious about leaving.  Going to a different country will be very different.  There will be different laws, customs, foods, languages being spoken and people of different ethnicities.  I am looking forward to some of the activities planned.  For the first few days we are going to learn how to surf and take spanish lessons.  I am really happy to surf because it sounds fun and i skateboard, and surfing is similar in how you have to balance to i hope ill be able to stay on the surfboard.  I also really love to fish, and i am bringing down some of my gear to Baja to fish.  There are many exotic fish there and i am hoping to catch some.  I also really like take photos and i am taking my camera down there as well.  Last week i bought a cool waterproof case for it and hopefully it will keep it dry!  After a few days of surfing we are going to hike the Baja peninsula, a pretty hard hike down to the Sea or Cortez to sea kayak for a few days.  this is where i hope to catch some fish, and hopefully eat them.  Also when we are kayaking around we might see some whales, sea lions and manta rays. these animals will make good photos if i can get close enough to shoot some photos.  Overall i am really excited to travel with my school to Baja Mexico.


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