Ocean Beauty


I stare at the reefs, caves and coves I wonder where they will all go

Twenty years from now It wont seem very real, now

Sitting here, ocean pristine it is like a most vivid dream

A dream that doesn’t seem real Until you feel, flowing and crashing The abundance of waves, making underneath you, these vast ocean caves.

I want this place to stay like this made out of sand and happiness a place of no worries and woes.   A place for us to go

The ocean is an amazing place.  It means a lot to me and always has, but on this trip I learned even more about what the ocean means to me.  Something about oceans has always amazed me.  Especially when they are clean and are hugely diverse in wildlife.

On our trip we spent a lot of time on the ocean and the sea or Cortez.  These places were some of the best large bodies of water I have spent time around.  I liked learning about all the wildlife that presided in them, there are so much interesting diversity present.  I also really appreciated seeing people around me taking care of the environment that they were in.  Seeing this really proved to me that it is possible for humans to be considerate to the environment that they are in

I think that if everyone did a little bit to help preserve the amazing environment that is around us.  We are always taking from the oceans and seas, but we never give back.  We take and dump back out trash in the oceans.  This is not how we should conduct ourselves.  If you want to preserve the things in nature that you like, be conscience of how you act.


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