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What is it?

April 12, 2010

I see similarities between the Grand Canyon and mankind – both are old but young, small but large, wise but wild.  The Grand is all of these and more.  I wonder what it will be like in many years.  Will it be around, or just be wiped out by the people it shares qualities with?  Man has changed over ages and so has the Grand changed in looks and in feelings also.

Someone else’s maze

He sought to live life’s hardships through someone else’s gaze

The path was hard to travel, someone else’s maze

Our ways are different each, every one in how we get to the end.

But if you stand and lend a hand

Emotion will be your friend

You’ll live a life to favor



April 12, 2010

What have I learned about being a steward of the natural environment?  I have learned much about the environment and how it needs its “stewards”.  There is not another force to clean up or keep the places we use pristine.  We need to play our part in the process – each and every one of us.  I learned that it is not always easy to be a steward.   Sometimes the easiest way to live life it to not be participating as a caretaker but to just be lazy.  However, when you ask yourself to think, to care, to engage the rewards pay off.  The well-being of the places we love depend on the people who came before us, us now, and the people after us being sustainable.  We should all do our part and do our part and pitch in to keep the places we love pristine.


April 5, 2010

I woke up this morning with a sand dune in my tent.  Shilty I thought.  It is a word I made up, like silty but with an l.  Shilty was the sand blowing in my face, the color of the water and the texture of my hair.  Yup. A sand dune, and of a pretty good size to boot.  The cause of this Sahara dessert in my tent was my fault.  I had faced my tent towards the wind that night before.  Sand, grit and dust had blown in all night, creating a mess but I didn’t wake up even with sand grit blowing into my face.  I was woken up earlier in the morning by winds, not the summer winds that feel good on your face, but the cruel ones that stab at your face.  A storm was coming.  Shoot dang i thought, i wanted to have some solo time outside that day.  I wished for some good weather, such a nice prospect i thought.  I got some breakfast and then went back to the text as soon as it started to rain.  I read for awhile and slept a little, then something amazing happened.  The sun came out to shine on my dreary day.  It was just what i wanted.  I was glad the weather had gotten that out of its system and now just had good weather to share.  I walked up a small side canyon to find a spot to sit and enjoy the weather.  I walked for maybe 15 minutes, then i found my place.  it was near the base of a small waterfall.  Everything around was green and budding.  I sat there for a good part of the day, and what a day it was.