I woke up this morning with a sand dune in my tent.  Shilty I thought.  It is a word I made up, like silty but with an l.  Shilty was the sand blowing in my face, the color of the water and the texture of my hair.  Yup. A sand dune, and of a pretty good size to boot.  The cause of this Sahara dessert in my tent was my fault.  I had faced my tent towards the wind that night before.  Sand, grit and dust had blown in all night, creating a mess but I didn’t wake up even with sand grit blowing into my face.  I was woken up earlier in the morning by winds, not the summer winds that feel good on your face, but the cruel ones that stab at your face.  A storm was coming.  Shoot dang i thought, i wanted to have some solo time outside that day.  I wished for some good weather, such a nice prospect i thought.  I got some breakfast and then went back to the text as soon as it started to rain.  I read for awhile and slept a little, then something amazing happened.  The sun came out to shine on my dreary day.  It was just what i wanted.  I was glad the weather had gotten that out of its system and now just had good weather to share.  I walked up a small side canyon to find a spot to sit and enjoy the weather.  I walked for maybe 15 minutes, then i found my place.  it was near the base of a small waterfall.  Everything around was green and budding.  I sat there for a good part of the day, and what a day it was.


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