Moderation, in all things.  Is that not a saying used widely today?  In my case I learned my lesson due to over exposure to the sun.  I learned a few things from the burning of my skin, and I think it was worth it.  There are many problems people associate with over exposure in daily life activities.  One example is with the sun.  If you get too much or do not protect yourself then you will get burned.  Normally the sun is harmless, and if fact the opposite of bad.  The sun in some way sustains all life, and life would not be if there were no sun.  Then how can something so good be counter-productive?  If you protect yourself and in this case put on sunscreen, you will be fine.

I realized this is true for many things.  I really don’t like watching the media coverage of disasters and horrific events.  The media is all over our world today, so how can we protect our-self when it is not news we would like to take in?  We put on our form of sunscreen that works the best.  Not literally sunscreen, but methods that help us deal with the challenges we are facing.  For example for the media problem, people might chose to put a block in their mind and not to fall into the drama and fall into the limbo of being scared because of news.  This is how I do it.  I have found that different people also have different methods that will work for them.  I think this is very prevalent in our culture today because of so many things that people do not want to take in that are presented all throughout their everyday lives.

Overall I think that you need to be conscience in your thought about what you want to let in and, how much of it you will let in if you are.  If you do this then I think that this problem will not trouble you anymore.


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